Microwave Antenna Installation

Microwave Antenna Installation. Built In Combination Microwave.

Microwave Antenna Installation

microwave antenna installation

    microwave antenna

  • A parabolic antenna is a high-gain reflector antenna used for radio, television and data communications, and also for radiolocation (radar), on the UHF and SHF parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Apparatus designed for transmitting radio energy to satellites or receiving it from them,(over 1000MHz or above on the radio spectrum) and includes any mountings or brackets attached to such apparatus.


  • The action or process of installing someone or something, or of being installed
  • A thing installed, in particular
  • initiation: a formal entry into an organization or position or office; "his initiation into the club"; "he was ordered to report for induction into the army"; "he gave a speech as part of his installation into the hall of fame"
  • A large piece of equipment installed for use
  • the act of installing something (as equipment); "the telephone installation took only a few minutes"
  • facility: a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry; "the assembly plant is an enormous facility"

microwave antenna installation – 50 ft

50 ft WRT-54 WAP-54 Linksys CISCO Wireless WiFi Radio Antenna Coax LMR-400 Times Microwave 50 ohm Coaxial Cable Router Antenna Extension RP-TNC to N Male Connector RPTNC
50 ft WRT-54 WAP-54 Linksys CISCO Wireless WiFi Radio Antenna Coax LMR-400 Times Microwave 50 ohm Coaxial Cable Router Antenna Extension RP-TNC to N Male Connector RPTNC
This Genuine Times Microwave USA Made LMR-400 coaxial cable was developed to provide an extremely low loss alternative with the transmission characteristics of hardline coaxial cables and the flexibility required for WiFi, Ham and CB Radio installations. Times Microwave systems, designs and manufactures high performance coaxial cables, connectors and cable assemblies for a broad range of RF transmission applications. For more than 50 years, Times has been the leader in the development of new cable technologies to meet the demands of evolving RF and microwave applications. This technological, manufacturing and application leadership continues today. Since its inception, Times has been dedicated to the improvement of coaxial cable technology and the development of new and innovative cable products to address the increasingly rigorous demands placed on RF transmission products. The expertise that has provided cable solutions for the demanding requirements of airborne electronic warfare systems has led the way in the development of Ultra low loss coaxial cable for Amateur Radio and Broadband Wireless application as well coaxial cables for shipboard, airborne and ground based military systems. Times has been instrumental in the development of military specifications, including MIL-C-17 for coaxial cables. Unlike other manufacturers with limited product lines, the philosophy of Times Microwave Systems is to select or design the right product for each application. Since we have expertise in both cable and connector design and manufacturing, as well as in assembly of complete transmission lines, we can provide the best technical approach. Our range of manufacturing capabilities is unmatched, allowing us to consider the broadest range of products and choose the best one for the application. If one of our standard products is not the right choice for the application, we have the capability to design a custom product.

2nd life

2nd life
I have seen this tower from far away for most of my life. It is an ungainly form on a prominent hill, bisecting an otherwise perfect treeline. Its lattice work tower, and array of horns and dishes are made all the more appealing by a perfect creamsicle paint scheme. From my perspective, it begins the day as a spindly silhouette, the sun rising from behind, and becomes a beacon of orange as the waning day bathes it in the warm light of a setting sun. Having accepted its existence at a young age, it has only been recently that I have wondered about its purpose. Turns out that about the time I was hitting adulthood, this seemingly Escherian monument was gasping for its last breaths of relevance.

As Part of the AT&T Long Lines tower network, this installation represented a vital link in the chain of information flow for a post world war II United States. Not just for use by the government, these high-rise beacons received and relayed on microwave signals that brought long distance Telephone and live TV broadcast to a nation hungry for access to information. It is hard to comprehend this desire in the internet age.

The towers themselves were built to withstand a nuclear blast nearby as 5 miles, while the electronics are housed at the base inside an even more hardened building, protecting the critical electronic components from EMP.

Before the age of fiber optics, cable TV, and cell phones, many of us can thank the folks who designed and built these towers for the ability to call our loved ones across the country, or watch a live broadcast of Monday Night Football, the Olympics, or a Presidential address.

If you pay attention, you will notice these towers still stand in many places. Usually on a high hill or tall building. At 50 years old or more in many cases, they are taking on a second life. You will notice cell phone antennae now being added to the array of microwave apparatus.

"Communications is the foundation of democracy" was an AT&T motto back in the time these towers were built. Who knows if the designers could envision the demand for information that would eventually push their then cutting-edge technology out of service. Incredible to think that they are still serving their purpose in a new way after all this time. I like to think that this is at least partly due to the mindset and dedication on which they were conceived and established.

Radio Center – County of Monroe, NY #1

Radio Center – County of Monroe, NY #1
VHF, UHF and microwave antennas for public safety voice communications and mobile data terminals (MDT).

Radio Center houses transmitters and repeaters for the City of Rochester and Monroe County, NY Police, Fire, EMS and other public safety agencies. It is located on Cobbs Hill (640 ft above sea level).

City Police, County Sheriff and town PDs are using about 30 P25 digital UHF channels.

City and County Fire using VHF, County EMS is VHF.

No 9-1-1 dispatching is done from this location, it is a primary transmitter site and radio installation/repair shop only.

NY State Troopers, NY Dept of Environmental Conservation (law enforcement division), medical examiners, probation and state university police have access to this system for interoperability.

Towers in the distance (lower left) are digital TV, located on Pinnacle Hill (749 ft).

microwave antenna installation

microwave antenna installation

LMR-400 Ultra Low Loss 50-Foot Antenna Cable for most Routers, WiFi cards and USB Wireless adapters, N Male & RP-SMA Male (Plug - No Pin) connectors. Connects an external antenna to WiFi , Router, Radio or Antenna
Ultra Low Loss Cable is designed to transmit the maximum signal to your antennas. Times Microwave LMR-400 cable meets Military Specifications with shielding foil and coated copper conductors for less signal loss in runs up to 200 feet.. In this high quality cable, the dimensions and spacing of the conductors are uniform. Any abrupt change in the spacing of the two conductors along the cable tends to reflect radio frequency power back toward the source, causing a condition called standing waves, reducing the amount and quality of the transmitted power. To hold the shield at a uniform distance from the central conductor, the space between the two is filled with a dielectric designed to maintain the proper spacing between conductor and shielding to assure maximum signal transmission and lowest loss. Manufacturers specify a minimum bend radius, to prevent kinks that would cause reflections. You should allow three inches of cable to make a 90 degree turn in your runs without causing signal loss. The connectors used with the coax must also hold the correct spacing through the body of the connector to avoid signal loss. The transmission of energy in the line occurs totally through the dielectric inside the cable between the conductors. This shielded cable can be bent and moderately twisted without negative effects, and can be strapped to conductive supports without inducing signal interference. This cable uses N connectors with sealed RP insert adapter changing connector types for maximum flexibility. ‘ 3Com Corporation was founded on June 4, 1979 in the San Francisco Bay Area by Bob Metcalfe, the principal inventor of a networking protocol called Ethernet. The name, 3Com, combines the things the company sought to bring together: Computer, Communications and Compatibility. 3Com is committed to helping its customers achieve their business goals with solutions that provide a more rewarding experience for end-users.